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An essential part of forestry, planting and growing trees is actually a complex process, involving a range of roles – from collecting seeds to planting then tending growing trees.

So whether you'd prefer to work in a nursery or in a forest, with plants or machinery, you could find career to suit your preferences.

As a Cultivator in the forest growing and management sector you'll be part of an industry that produces sustainably sourced wood – one of our most environmentally friendly building materials.


There range of roles that may be available to you as a cultivator include:

  • Collecting and propagating seeds

  • Pruning and fertilising trees

  • Controlling weeds and pests

  • Measuring tree growth

  • Planning planting cycles

  • Planning fire reduction programs

  • Assisting with timber harvesting planning

  • Managing forest development


The job responsibilities vary according to the role, however working safely and following appropriate OH&S practices is essential.

Ideal Attributes

You’ll like working outdoors with nature and always put the safety of yourself and your workmates first.


Typically cultivator jobs require a certificate II or III qualification that involves a combination of on the job and off the job training.

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Employees of cultivators include:

  • State-owned organisations

  • Companies linked to sawmilling or pulp and paper operations

  • Plantation management companies.