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Forest Harvestor

Forest Harvestor

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If you like working with big machines as part of a team doing a job that makes a difference - a career as a Forest Harvester could be a great opportunity for you.

Harvesting and haulage is the process of felling trees, preparing and loading the logs and carting them to sawmills.

You'll find today, this is largely done by multi-purpose machines (rather than manually with chainsaws). Machinery that you could operate includes: skidders, bulldozers, feller bunchers, chippers, mechanical harvesters, excavators, loaders and heavy articulated vehicles.

Some of these machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – and operators say that their digital controls and joysticks makes operating them like a computer game!

Think sound and vibration proofed air conditioned cabins with your own music playing.

Roles you could move to include: resource assessment, harvesting supervisor, operations manager.


As a Forest Harvester you’ll find a wide range of roles including:

  • Operating harvesting equipment

  • Operating other vehicles

  • Operating chainsaws and other machinery

  • Grading sawlogs.


The job responsibilities vary according to the role, however working safely and following appropriate OH&S practices is essential.

Ideal Attributes

You’ll like working outdoors and with machinery, be mechanically literate and always put the safety of yourself and your workmates first.


Typically forest harvester jobs require certificate II or III qualification, although some may require Certificate IV or higher.
Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Employers include:

  • Hardwood and softwood harvesting contractors

  • Haulage contractors.