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Emergency Services Officer

Emergency Services Officer

Careers Profile

As an Emergency Services Officer in a forest or mill, your job will make a difference in the safety and environmental performance of one of Australia’s most sustainable industries.


Specific tasks will depend on the type of organisation and location in which you are employed, but could include:

  • Providing efficient and effective emergency services - in line with procedures

  • Developing emergency prevention plans

  • Coordinating and supervising employee response plans

  • Developing emergency services activities

  • Leading continuous improvement training

  • Specifying and purchasing emergency response equipment

  • Liaising with community and stakeholders regarding emergency response

  • Completing audits and inspections

  • Monitoring compliance

  • Liaising with emergency services professionals such as fire brigade and police.


An Emergency Services Officer is responsible for delivering professional emergency services responses to any emergency in the work environment.

Ideal Attributes

You should have excellent communications skills, be a strong leader, calm under pressure, strive to uphold a high level of safety and have an interest in forestry or the timber and wood products industry.


Current licences, which may include:

  • emergency medic/emergency response

  • basic fire fighting


  • 4WD training.

Some job vacancies may require qualifications related to local conditions.

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Potential employers include:

  • Forestry managers

  • Forestry, harvesting and haulage contractors,

  • Sawmills,

  • Wood processors.