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Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Careers Profile

As an OH&S Officer in the forest and wood products industry, you will be working in one of Australia's most diverse and dynamic industries.

The forest and wood products industry relies heavily on OH&S procedures to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace.


The role could see you working in many diverse locations – from a forest or a timber mill, to a manufacturing plant or an office environment.

Your OH&S duties may include:

  • Promoting health and safety throughout the organisation

  • Keeping procedures up to date

  • Implementing legislative changes

  • Supervising accident investigations

  • Training staff in OH&S procedures

  • Coordinating emergency procedures

  • Developing risk management procedures

  • Accident reporting


The OH&S officer is responsible for the safety of an organisation’s employees.

Ideal Attributes

As an OH&S officer you’ll have excellent communication skills, problem solving ability, have tact and diplomacy and enjoy making a difference working in Australia’s sustainable forest and wood products industry.


Most OH&S positions require you to either have, or be working towards, a relevant certificate (Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety), diploma or degree.

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Many organisations, both private companies and government bodies, in the forest and wood product industry employ full-time and/or part time OH&S officers.

These roles could be in regional or metro Australia.