Interview with Michelle Sly

Procurement Coordinator

Michelle Sly

Case Study

Name: Michelle Sly
Position: Procurement Coordinator
Company: VicForests

  • Currently studying a Diploma in Purchasing and Supply.

  • Certifications in Business Management and Counselling

Age: 29

What is a typical day for a the procurement coordinator?
I have so much variety in my job that I can’t really describe a typical day. I attend meetings with suppliers, purchase goods for staff, support staff with issues that may arise regarding any of our eighty-six company vehicles, raise requisitions, prepare tender documents and amend polices and procedures.

What does the role require?
To thrive in my job requires people skills, a happy to help attitude, knowledge of the product specifications and appropriate prices, and certainly an attention to detail. The main resources I use are computers, the internet and mobile phones, so in that sense it’s also important to feel comfortable with technology. 

What is your favourite aspect of the industry?
Forestry is great in that it is such a unisex environment!  It’s a refreshing change from other industries that are dominated primarily by one sex. Everybody is very hard working and possesses a very strong belief that forestry is a great industry, and we all share a common goal related to environmental sustainability. 
Does your job allow you to spend time outside of the office?
Yes, I have meetings with staff and suppliers outside of the office regularly.

How has the job affected you?
The job has made me a lot more environmentally aware. I now understand that there is a whole process involved in harvesting and regenerating the forests. It’s a carefully controlled and audited industry, which is positive for the future of the forestry industry of Australia. 
Would you recommend the industry to anyone?
Even for somebody who isn’t a forester but who is interested in the forest and environment within Australia, it is a very dynamic workplace that is abundant with different opportunities and experiences.
I would absolutely recommend working here.
Please note: We spoke to Michelle about her career and what she does day to day. We hope you find this useful and interesting – but please remember, that all jobs are not exactly the same and other roles with the same title may be different in many respects. You should confirm all the details of a particular job with the organisation offering it.