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Advertising and Media

Advertising and Media

Careers Profile

Working as an Advertising and Media coordinator in the forest and wood products industry, you will be working in one of Australia's dynamic and sustainable industries. If you enjoy challenges and diverse opportunities then this industry is for you.


The tasks would vary between companies but could include the following duties:

  • Placement of all advertising electronic, online and traditional advertising or working with a media placement agency

  • Preparation of editorial and advertising copy

  • Preparation of images for all advertising and editorial

  • Preparation of copy for all company collateral

  • Manage deadlines

  • Manage budgets

  • Manage evaluation of campaigns

  • Prepare reports on results

  • Prepare briefs and action plans

  • Manage consultants

  • Work with other departments to set objectives and messaging

  • Communicate internally


The media and advertising coordinator would be responsible for the external public face of the organisation, manage the brand and meet targets.

Ideal Attributes

You will have excellent communication skills, able to multi-tasks, strong time management skills, strong analytical skills, strong negotiation skills and high level of attention to detail.


Relevant Diploma or Degree qualifications plus experience in similar role.


Many organisations use advertising whether at the production, manufacturing or sales stage.