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Education and Training Manager

Education and Training Manager

Careers Profile

As the Education and Training Manager in the forest and wood products industry you will be responsible for conducting training needs analysis, design and develop programs, ensure delivery and assessment and lead continuous improvement programs.


Tasks would vary upon the type of organisation but may include:

  • Conducting education needs analysis

  • Designing and developing programs

  • Deliver management, induction, communications and other training as required

  • Develop training material for all delivery modes including online

  • Lead other trainers and/or train the trainers

  • Manager consultants

  • Ensure processes and policies are followed

  • Conduct course evaluations

  • Report to management

  • Identify opportunities

  • Liaise with all stakeholders inside and outside the organisation

  • Manage any educational organisation reporting requirements specific to that organisation


The Education and Training Manager will be responsible for ensuring that all staff are operating at the appropriate and safe level and all training requirements are being fulfilled.

Ideal Attributes

You will have:

  • Strong skills in development, facilitation, presentation and the evaluation of education and training programs

  • Experience in identifying training needs and analysing gaps

  • Strong research and analytical skills

  • Good understanding of the forest and wood products industry

  • Strong time management and task prioritising skills

  • High level written, oral communication and computer skills

  • Ability to work unsupervised and within a team environment

  • Ability to work flexible hours and travel


Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training or TAA04 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus experience.


All organisations require a training and education specialist due to the high-level of on-the-job training.