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Human Resources and Recruitment

Human Resources and Recruitment

Careers Profile

As a HR and Recruitment Manager you'll be responsible for recruiting of the right people in the right roles and then keeping them supported.


Your key role may include the following:

  • Manage end-to-end recruitment

  • Prepare position descriptions and job advertisements

  • Develop HR documents and policies and ensure that they are enacted

  • Liaise with staff

  • Provide HR support

  • Prepare contracts and inductions

  • Performance management

  • Remuneration, rewards and recognition

  • Prepare reporting as required.


The HR and Recruitment Manager would be responsible for the professional recruitment and retention of staff, as well as the recruitment and HR support.

Ideal Attributes

Ideally the Manager should be passionate about people and the timber and wood products industry and should strive for employing quality people and keeping them.


Diploma or Degree in HR or equivalent and experience dependent upon company requirements.


Organisations tend to recruit an HR and Recruitment Manager either fulltime or part-time dependent upon the size of the organisation.