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Retail and Consumer Services

Retail and Consumer Services

Careers Profile

As the Retail and Consumer Services Coordinator, you will be working with one of Australia's most dynamic and sustainable industries. This role may provide exposure to import and export markets.


The tasks may vary between organisations but may include:

  • Working with all internal departments to identify consumer opportunities

  • Extracting, manipulating and drawing actionable insights from data

  • Use appropriate techniques to manipulate data

  • Present findings and recommendations in a professional manner to a wide-ranging group of stakeholders

  • Work closely with the management team and marketing.


This role is responsible for presenting internal and external data in a way that the business can develop strategies and implement action plans.

Ideal Attributes

This role requires high-level attention to detail, excellent communication skills, experience in research packages and excellent presentation skills.


Diploma or Degree in appropriate qualifications.


The roles may vary between organisations however many organisations conduct their own research as well as export product.