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Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Careers Profile

As the Sales and Marketing Coordinator in the forest and wood products industry, you will be working in one of Australia's dynamic and sustainable industries that may lead to import/export experience.


Tasks would vary dependent upon the size and type of organisation, but duties may include:

  • Develop all marketing material and promotional material

  • Assist coordinate sales and campaign requests and material

  • Facilitate promotions

  • Maintain and build databases

  • Maintain website

  • Respond to customer enquiries

  • Actively seek new business opportunities

  • Manage existing customer relationships

  • Produce sales, stock and pricing reports

  • Produce reports, strategies and budgets


This role is responsible for the brand and public face of the organisation.

Ideal Attributes

Experience in delivering on time and one budget as well as meeting sales targets.


Diploma or Degree in Marketing or equivalent and experience in sales.


Organisations requirements would differ widely within this industry.