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Careers Profile

As a Forest Ecologist you'll be a qualified scientist dedicated to sound ecologic science and ecosystems management, working with the environmental factors affecting forests. These include the relationships between plants, animals, microrganisms and their environment.

Your professional knowledge and administration skills will help manage the forest to preserve both its environmental and economic values.


Roles will vary according to the position, but may include:

  • Study design

  • Collection and interpretation of data

  • Preparation of reports and recommendations

  • Liaising and working with landowners and other stakeholders

  • Team management

Ideal Attributes

You’ll be interested in science and the environment, working indoors and out, enjoy applying theory to practice and able to clearly communicate scientific information and its implications to non-scientists in both verbal and written forms.


Forest ecologists typically have a degree in biology or ecology and relevant experience.

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Employers include:

  • Forest managers

  • Government organisations

  • Academic institutions

  • Environmental organisations