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Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineer

Careers Profile

As an Environmental Engineer in the forest and wood products sector, you'll be involved in producing one of the world's most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Depending on your employer, you could be involved in environmental management, the establishment and maintenance of sustainable practices, research or regulation and policy development.

The career paths of many engineers in the forest and wood products industry lead to senior management and other positions.


Roles will vary according to the position, however your working day could include:

  • environmental research

  • conservation planning

  • environmental impact management

  • site remediation

  • community education and liaison

  • investigating breaches of environmental guidelines

  • assessing work environments

  • managing emergency responses

  • assisting in policy development

  • conducting environmental audits

  • working in a team

  • team management

  • report writing and delivery

Ideal Attributes

Relevant experience, plus good analysis and problem solving, good written and verbal communication skills, able to accept responsibility and ability to work autonomously or as part of a team.

A high level of understanding and commitment to occupational health and safety is essential.


Graduate or postgraduate qualifications as an environmental engineer or equivalent.

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Potential employers include:

  • Forest managers

  • Wood processors and manufacturers

  • Government

  • Environmental organisations.