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Timber Sales Assistant

Timber Sales Assistant

Careers Profile

As a Timber Sales Assistant you'll be working with people and one of the world’s most environmentally friendly building materials – sustainably sourced timber.

You could be helping builders, tradespeople and DIY'ers get their job done efficiently and effectively with the most appropriate materials.


Generally a timber sales assistant works in retail or trade sales.

However, related and complementary roles that your job could also involve, include:

  • sorting and grading timber

  • stock and quality control

  • mobile plant operator and material handling

  • managing retail office procedures and order processing


The job responsibilities vary according to the role.

However, being accurate with sales figures, maintaining your product knowledge, providing accurate relevant advice and working safely at all times are essential.

Ideal Attributes

Generally speaking people in this role like working with other people, are interested in timber and the technical side of building.


Many people begin as a trainee and gain further qualifications as they go. Jobs at Certificate II or III qualification (combining on-and off-the-job training).

Employers in the forest and wood products industry are very supportive of ongoing training and skills development.


Potential employers include merchandising outlets ranging from ‘corner shop' timber and hardware stores to large national chains.

Most reasonably sized towns in Australia have a timber and hardware store, so with skills and experience of this job you can work and live almost anywhere.