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Australian Solar Timbers

Australian Solar Timbers




West Kempsey

HR Contact:

Lisa Head


0418 285 123


ETC in Kempsey and Eather Recruitment in Port Macquarie


62 075 415 904




Head Office
116 Armidale Road
West Kempsey, NSW 2440

We are a privately owned family company since 1919 (4th generation). Our commitment is for 'Natural Excellence' throughout all sectors of our organisation. We pride ourselves on innovation and diversity to cope and grow with ever changing socio-economic, environmental and political influences.

We are proud to be a part of the Native Australian Hardwood Timber Industry which sources a renewable and sustainable resource through world's best practice management and believe that our people and our products are fully aligned with the 'Natural Excellence' that flows through our strong commitment to stringent ethical industry standards.

All of our manufacturing and processing infrustructure is at the cutting edge of technology on a global scale and with research and development an integral part of all new ideas and implementation we are widely regarded as leaders in our field.

Our Innovation
Today, we remain as innovative as ever. Perhaps the most significant innovation has been the introduction of greenhouse friendly solar drying kilns in 1994. We pioneered the use of these kilns - purpose built to gently dry timber in a natural stable way. Although slower than industrial methods the results are far superior, not only for the timber itself but also for the environment. We are now recognised as the leading solar kiln dried hardwood timber producer in the world.

Our free thinking approach and desire for doing things better has led to other major industry innovations. In recent years AST has pioneered ultra-efficient processing equipment, diamond tooling and computerised log scanning – modern techniques and processes in the process of being adopted throughout the industry.

Our People
Australian Solar Timbers currently employs over 90 people in regional Australia and remains proudly Australian owned. Many of our employees have been with the company for years and have been instrumental in shaping AST into the industry pioneers we are today. In turn, AST is committed to our people offering continual training and assessment programmes, guidance and advice. And we always like to listen to what our people have to say and enact their best suggestions. This is how we seek to continually advance our quality.