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Head Office Melbourne, VIC 3000

VicForests is a Victorian State-owned business responsible for the sustainable harvest, regeneration and commercial sale of timber from Victoria's public forests on behalf of the Victorian Government.

VicForests harvests approximately 3000 hectares of native forest in Victoria each year - under strict environmental regulations. This equates to less than 0.04% of the 7.1 million hectares of public forest across the State.

The timber harvested by VicForests is used to produce high quality furniture, flooring and other building materials as well as quality writing and office paper.

Sustainability is a key component of VicForests' operations.

Trees are regrown across all areas which are harvested to ensure forests re-establish and will be available for use by future generations.

The seeds used in forest regeneration are sourced from local regions to help guarantee the trees which grow back match the mix of species that existed on the site prior to harvesting.

VicForests plays an important role in meeting the community demand for wood products. Approximately one-third of Victoria's timber is supplied by VicForests' operations, reducing the amount of hardwood required to be imported from overseas.

VicForests offers a range of roles within the forestry industry with our foresters specialising in tactical and operational planning, harvesting and contract management, silviculture and forest regeneration.

A variety of non-forestry role are also available including IT, HR, communications, finance, administration and customer service positions.

The timber industry in Victoria employs approximately 2,500 people. The industry plays a vital role in sustaining the economy in many rural areas.